Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out On

Professional Carpet Cleaning

This image shows a vacuum to clean a carpet.
Sometimes life gets away from us and unless we’ve written out, scheduled time for it, or planned into the weekly budget, it probably won’t happen. But what happens when week after week the same excuses arise and before you know it another year has passed by? The to-do list is never going to be shorter so throw a carpet cleaning onto it and get it out of the way. It might seem unnecessary, especially if, by your standards, the carpet feels, looks, and smells just fine. So, why should you push that carpet cleaning up your task list for this month?
1. Improve your health
Since the beginning of their use, carpets have held onto dust particles and bacteria that come with day to day living. An increase in dust and allergens on the surface of your carpet can be dangerous for anyone who suffers from allergies or is chronically sick with upper respiratory infections (sometimes lower). Health risks increase if the home/area has children or elderly around because these populations are considered to be immunocompromised of the bunch. Vacuuming regularly is a good way to reduce continuous issues but it is a short-term solution between carpet cleanings. A professional will help clear these issues out.
2. Improved airflow
Honestly, dirty carpets smell! When the air is blasting the particles that have become attached to the surface of your carpet begin to move around and breathing becomes slightly unenjoyable; furthermore, rooms become stuffy and airflow truly does become compromised when it doesn’t have to be.
3. Improve aesthetics and textures
Having your carpet professionally cleaned creates a comfortable, fresh, home feel underneath your feet. When dust and dirt penetrate the fibers of your carpet they become hard and matted which is all released when the carpet is properly cleaned. When a professional tears away all of the dirt, bacteria, and debris from your surface fibers, the look and feel of your carpet changes immediately.
Ultimately, you should be having carpet cleaning twice a year, if not more! Homes with young children, elderly family members, and pets should consider 3 to 4 times a year not only for appearances but for health safety. Reduce odors, stains, health risks, and improve the texture of your carpet with a professional clean. Before embarking on the journey to find your carpet cleaner ensure that they are using non-toxic solutions that are acceptable for your family and the members of the household.