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Is your stone looking dingy and dusty? Feeling confused about how to clean it? Give our modern cleaning approach a try.

If your natural stone floors, countertops, or other surfaces have been damaged or have accumulated dust and grime over years of time and use, don’t despair. There is no need to replace them. At Carpet Cleaning Henderson, we have you covered. We provide expert cleaning, polishing, repair and restoration services for all of your natural stone needs.

Our experts specialize in limestone, marble, granite, travertine, slate, terrazzo, or any other natural stone surface. We can resolve virtually any problem you encounter from cracks to stains to unsightly seams. We can get your floors and other surfaces back to their brand new luster for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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    Cleaning Services

    If it’s natural stone, we have you covered. We offer premier cleaning and restoration for all of your natural stone surfaces throughout your home. Before you replace it, consider having it restored to its natural luster and original shine.

    This image shows a clean bathroom.

    Natural Stone

    Natural stone will not come completely clean with regular cleaning processes. Our cleaning process will not only clean your floors and other surfaces but will also help to keep them clean.
    This image shows Granite Repair and Countertop Services done to a house kitchen.

    Granite Repair and Countertop Services

    Granite restoration requires specialized expertise. At Carpet Cleaning Henderson, we know the particulars of granite, and we understand the delicate process that is necessary to restore and protect your granite surfaces.

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    High traffic areas, like offices & commercial spaces, are magnets for dirt and grime build up. Whether you have carpet or tile, our FREE consultation will help you

    Call: 702-930-3860
    This image shows a Tile and Grout of a bathroom.

    Travertine, Terrazzo, Limestone, Marble

    Travertine and terrazzo should be professionally serviced every two years. Replacement can often be avoided with regular service and maintenance. We examine your floors to determine the best way to bring them back to life regardless of the type of stone.

    We understand that marbe can become etched or scratched, and we have the expertise to repair these surfaces as well. Limestone can last a lifetime with appropriate regular maintenance.