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Don’t allow yourself to get bossed around by the big, traditional carpet cleaners, take a look at the most modern technology in carpet cleaning!

We all love carpet and how it can add that homey feeling like no other flooring system on the market, but nobody loves just how dirty carpets can get. From pet spots to simply walking on your carpet, even the slightest stain will stick out like a sore thumb, especially with light-colored carpet. So how do we get our carpet clean? Zerorez has the answer!

Where the other carpet cleaners in Henderson will use harsh soaps and detergents to clean carpets, they can never fully extract the cleaner, resulting in a residue that can make your carpet feel stiff and will act as a dirt magnet, becoming dirtier the next time. Well, down below, you can find the Zerorez difference!

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    Our Carpet Cleaning Services

    From your home to the office, we have something for you!

    As one of Hendersons top carpet cleaning companies, we are happy to provide our green cleaning solutions to all of our neighbors from residential carpet to commercial offices. Want to know what Zerorez can do for you? You can find our carpet cleaning services down below:

    Area Rugs

    Area Rugs

    First, we start with an inspection to find any spots, stains or repairs before we start cleaning the rug. Next, we dust the rug in the Zerorez rug washing plant with compressed air, gently tapping the rug. Your rug is then placed in a 1,200-gallon tub with our patented Powered water and star-shaped paddle that agitates the water above the rug so no scrubbing is required.
    Residential Carpets

    Residential Carpets

    At Zerorez, we know that not all homes are exposed to the same conditions so we treat all of our clients as if we were in your shoes. With our Powered Water, there isn’t a stain or odor we can’t get rid of! If you are ready to see what we can do for your home, give us a call so we can set up your consultation.

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    High traffic areas, like offices & commercial spaces, are magnets for dirt and grime build up. Whether you have carpet or tile, the Zerorez FREE consultation will help you

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    Commercial Carpet

    Commercial Carpet

    Commercial carpet cleaning in Henderson is different than many areas, more traffic, more spills and more heavy-duty cleaners used by janitorial staff. For our high traffic settings in Clark County, we have created the perfect solution, Empowered Water.

    Empowered Water is a harder working variant than our Powered Water Solutions and can clean the toughest stains from the most stubborn carpets without needing to use soaps and detergents.

    Pet Odor Treatments

    We know that sometimes accidents can happen when we have pets in our home. From excited puppies to old pets that have a hold time holding it till the get outside, pet spots and odors are very common and we know just how to deal with them.

    With a Powered Water pretreatment and our powerful extraction equipment, we can pull odors from the padding of your carpet where the real problems lie.

    Pet Odor Treatments

    What Separates Us

    The Zerorez Difference

    We don’t use harsh soaps or detergents like the other guys. Enter Powered Water!

    other company

    It’s hard to imagine that the technology for carpet cleaning barely changed for decades. For years, carpet cleaning companies had been using the same soap and chemical-based systems without doing anything new and innovative.

    Here at Zerorez, we use a different approach than other carpet cleaners in Henderson. We throw out the idea of harsh chemicals and harness the power of Mother Nature with our Powered Water solutions. Our Powered Water can provide a cleaner carpet than those harsh soaps and detergents while being so safe, you could drink it straight from our truck! With our Powered Water solutions, there will be no residue left behind!

    Without the sticky residues that traditional carpet cleaners leave behind, our Powered Water will ensure that your carpet stays cleaner, longer. Not to mention, when you choose Zerorez, you are using a company that has received a Platinum Rating from the Rug and Carpet Institute, which is the highest rating possible.

    With industry-changing equipment and patented Power Water cleaning solutions, Zererez has what it takes to leave your carpet spotless! Call us today to see what we can do for you!


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    More Than Meets The Eye

    The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

    When it comes to carpet cleaning, we can provide benefits that no other company in Henderson can, some of which you can find down below:


    Improved Airflow

    What most of our clients don’t know is that dirty and soiled carpet can actually impede airflow in your setting, resulting in a stuffy home that is hard to cool during the summer.


    Reduced Allergens

    Just like dirt and soils, allergens can be trapped in the fibers of your carpet, amplifying asthma and other breathing problems but our Powered Water can break them down and ready for extraction.


    Increased Comfort

    When you use soaps and detergents that leave a residue, your carpet can become stiff, resulting in an abrasive carpet. Our cleaning solutions ensure your carpet will be as lush as when you first bought it.


    No More Odors

    With our patented Powered Water, our technicians are able to clean the padding under your carpet where most smells are trapped, resulting in the elimination of odors, not masking them.


    Improved Health

    Your carpet can be housing harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria that can make members of your family sick if left unattended. Our Powered Water clings onto these hazards to extract them completely.



    Many new carpets come with warranties but sometimes excessive stains or odors will void the warranty. We can bring your carpet back to like-new condition with our Powered Water, keeping your carpet in warranty.

    Our Premium

    Carpet Protectors

    Our premium residential carpet protectors are made only with the latest, eco-friendly, fluorochemical technology available today. With one of our ultra-modern protectants, we can protect your home’s flooring from dry soils, standard liquid spills, and even oil-based spills.

    We also offer commercial carpet protectors that can help defend your office stains with built-in stain barriers that have dye blockers to avoid staining from even the most absorbent materials like olefin and polyester carpets. Our Premium Carpet Protectors offer superior protection even compared to factory rated protectants.

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    Carpet Protectors

    Have Some Questions?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a few questions about our carpet cleaning services? Down below, you might find your answer!

    How Often Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned?

    When it comes to how often you should have your carpet cleaned, it’s usually a personal and varies by every individual. But studies have shown that you should have your carpet cleaned at least once a year for residential properties to maintain good air quality and keep allergies under control. However, commercial offices may need to have the carpet cleaned more often due to higher traffic. Additional factors include pets, smokers, and what the carpet is used for.

    How Do You Clean Carpets?

    The process starts with a walkthrough/ inspection of the problem areas you need to be cleaned. After inspection, our technician will talk to you about your options and services we deem necessary. But for the average carpet cleaning experience, we use our patented Powered Water to pretreat the carpet, breaking down any soils and dirt in the carpet. We then gently agitate the carpet to further loosen the contaminants of your carpet without frizzling the fibers. Now is when we use our Platinum Rated truck-mounted equipment to extract all the water and contamination from your carpet, leaving behind a spotless, clean carpet.

    Do You Offer Pet Odor Treatments?

    Yes! We know that carpet is one of the most affected areas when it comes to pet odors and spots so we offer an eco and family-friendly solution that pulls odors and stains from deep in the carpet padding, eliminating odors and stains, not just masking them. Our technicians are specially trained to identify any pet spots and will inform you of the service required to remove these hazards.

    How Should I Prepare For My Appointment?

    Before we arrive for your appointment we ask that you thoroughly vacuum the areas that we are going to be cleaning. When we arrive in a vacuumed area, the process can go much faster and the result will be much better! Secondly, we ask that you move any furniture that you want to be cleaned under our of the way. We run single man crews so we cant move furniture! Finally, we ask that you leave us a parking space near your home, we only have so much hose!