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We all love our furry companions but sometimes they can bring heartache into your home. From puppies to older animals that just can’t hold it anymore, your carpet may suffer from pet spots or odors that you just can’t get out, or can you? Where other carpet cleaning corporations say they can get the stains out of your carpet, all they do is clean the fibers and mask the smell.

Here at Zerorez Henderson, we take it a step further without the use of harmful chemicals that can take forever to dry. We call upon the power of Mother Nature for our Powered Water cleaning solutions that are both eco and family-friendly. Ready to see how we can get those odors and stains out of your carpet? You can find out how down below!

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    Zerorez For Pet Treatments

    Here at Zerorez Henderson, we are dedicated so breaking the norms of normal carpet cleaning services that call upon the use of harsh chemicals, soaps, and detergents that can act as a dirt magnet when they aren’t taken all the way out; and they never are. Down below, you will find the Zerorez difference!

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    Green Solutions

    We care about the environment, unlike the other pet treatment contractors in Henderson that rely upon the use of harsh chemicals and soaps to get your carpet “clean”. Our Powered Water is 100% natural and is made by simply electrolyzing water then oxidizing it, that’s it! This formula is stronger than most soaps and is completely safe for the environment.
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    True Deep Cleaning

    When you choose Zerorez Henderson to be your pet treatment contractors, you will experience the power of true deep cleaning with Powered Water. Our cleaners penetrate deep into where the problem lies, your carpet padding. Our powerful vacuum will pull our mixture from deep in the padding, pulling any odors and underlying bacteria out with our Powered Water with no residue!

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    High traffic areas, like offices & commercial spaces, are magnets for dirt and grime build up. Whether you have carpet or tile, the Zerorez FREE consultation will help you

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    Stop Bacteria Growth

    With our Powered Water, any bacteria that is trapped in the depths of your carpet from your pet’s accidents are broken down and fully extracted with our powerful extraction system.

    Without any additional bacteria in your carpet, you won’t have to worry about the spread of that nasty bacteria causing sickness in your home.

    Family-Friendly Solutions

    Our number one goal during the development of our powerful Powered Water solution was to make sure the cleaner was safe enough for use in homes that have infants and pets, so that’s exactly what we did!

    Our Powered Water is so safe, it can be drunk straight from our truck so you won’t have to worry about pets or children becoming sick from being on the cleaned area.

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