Why you should have your

carpets cleaned regularly

This image shows a vacuum to clean a carpet.
As we all know, and hate, carpets become dirtier every day. While the appearance of the carpet is a good reason to have them regularly cleaned, why else should anyone have their carpet professionally cleaned at all? I mean if we can get over the look of the carpet, we don’t need to have them cleaned, right? Well no, while the appearance of the carpet is the most noticeable benefit of professional carpet cleaning, there are underlying benefits that can make your home safer and the carpet last longer! So today, we are going to be going over why your carpet should be professionally cleaned regularly, so let’s get started!
Remove Hazards
What most homeowners don’t know about carpet is that it is the leading area that harmful bacteria and particles are found? The carpets fiber can trap hazards like dust, dander, food particles and allergens like pollen; not to mention anything on the bottom of your shoe. When these hazards are not cleaned, they become embedded into the carpet, causing odors and stains. A professional carpet cleaning, however, can pull years of particles out of the carpet, making your home safer and smell better!
Improve Indoor Air Quality
Did you know that poor air quality affects 1 in 5 Americans today and is one of the top 5 on the list of hazards affecting the modern American according to the EPA? Well, one of the leading causes of poor air quality in the residential setting is a dirty carpet. As we have said above, anything that may be on the bottom of your shoes can be embedded in the carpet including fecal matter, dirty water, and pollen. With these things in your carpet, the smells and bacteria will be circulated in the home, causing problems for residents with asthma or other breathing problems if not professionally cleaned.
Longer Lasting Carpet
While poor air quality is more than enough for most people to perform carpet cleaning, did you know that a dirty carpet can wear down much faster than a clean carpet? When a carpet is full of dirt and grime, the fiber of the carpet will begin to wear down over time and with heavy use. The fibers will begin to unwind, making the carpet look low quality and ruined. With a clean carpet, you can stop the adverse effects of dirt corrosion on your carpet, resulting in longer service life for your carpet and even keeping it in warranty.
Cleaner Is Easier

While we will always have to do our part when it comes to maintaining our carpet, a clean carpet will make carpet maintenance much easier. After a professional cleaning has been performed on the carpet, most homeowners are fine with a simple regular vacuum as little as once a week for some settings. For homes with more residents, pets or children, vacuuming may need to be done more often to maintain a cleaner carpet.

Well, there you have it, the benefits of having your carpet cleaned regularly. Most homeowners have their carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year but homes with pets, smokers or infants will want to have their carpets cleaned professionally at least 2 times a year, commonly in spring and autumn. Now that you know why clean carpet is key, good luck with your professional cleaning!