The Worst Stains to

Get in Your Carpet

This image shows a spilled wine on a carpet.
So, what do you do when the worst carpet stain appears on your floor? Sometimes, sadly, there isn’t much for you to do but other times, home remedies can help. Properly removing stains, getting to them as soon as they happen, and knowing the proper techniques to use when cleaning the stains will all be important information! What are the top worst carpet stains?
1. Kool-Aid
If you have a child in the house, juices should be monitored when they hold the ability to ruin lightly colored carpets. When the stain happens to be sure to blot the stain with a paper towel or a regular towel. Please remember, do not rub, the juice will then be rubbed into the carpet’s fibers making it impossible to be removed. Mix white vinegar, a dash of dish soap, and water into a spray bottle, then liberally spray the area that has been soaked with juice. Wait a minute or so for the mixture to sink in and then begin to blot dry the area with a clean towel.
2. Pet Stains
Pets are our fur-babies and sometimes babies create messes! Depending on the type of mess your baby has accomplished will determine what method of cleaning you should use. If the animal has somehow produced solids onto your carpet it is important to first remove the waste, soak up any moisture, and evaluate the situation. If the area has been urinated on you can use some baking soda on the area to soak up any residual smells and leave the powder for 20-30 minutes. To neutralize an odor that is incredibly strong, once the area has been dabbed and dried as much as possible spray the soiled area, clean, and then pour baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming.
3. Coffee Stains
A good cup of Joe in the morning is all fun and games until your carpet is wearing most of the drink! So, move quickly and dry the area with some type of cloth or paper towel, followed by mixing vinegar and water with a little addition of detergent. Once the mixture has been sprayed onto the area you can begin cleaning from the outside in.
4. Blood Stains
Sometimes we have a mosquito bite that we’ve scratched too long, or a child has a nosebleed, or a teenager picks a scab! Whatever the case may be, blood is one of those stains that is found in every household and if you have light carpets, it is one that will not go unnoticed. You can remove blood stains by responding quickly with two teaspoons of grease-fighting dish detergent, cold water, but be sure to dab the area before you begin cleaning the stain. Oxi-clean another popular option that is bleach-free once it has been diluted with water.
5. Ink Stains
These types of stains are quick to remove if they are addressed when they happen. Make sure to dampen a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and then begin dabbing the area that has been stained with the ink. Do not rub or scrub the area, it will ensure the stain stays forever. Check out these other areas you can find us on the web!