How to tell if your

upholstery needs to be cleaned

This image shows a vacuum to clean a sofa.
It doesn’t matter if you are at home or if you are at work, you and everyone you know come in contact with dozens of upholstered surfaces throughout the day. With that being said, it’s fair to assume that upholstery can become very dirty over time. Upholstery can be affected by grease, oil, dirt dust and sweat which won’t only make the upholstery look bad but smell bad as well. But besides the visual aspect, how do we know that upholstery is dirty? Well, today we are going to be going over some of the best ways to tell if your upholstered surfaces are in need of professional cleaning, so let’s get started!
Dirt And Stains
Where it is commonplace for upholstered furniture to become dusty or stained, in most cases these hazards can be wiped away if they are caught as soon as they happen. But when allowed to set and seep into the fabric over time, professional cleaning may be the only way to bring your furniture back to like-new condition. Even when trying to remove stains yourself, you might just make the stain worse by rubbing it in or using a home remedy as fabrics are a very sensitive material. Even if you don’t think your upholstered furniture is that dirty, you will be able to tell the difference after a professional clean, when was the last time your furniture was cleaned?
If you have a dog or cat, you know just how much summer can make your pets shed. Even if you try to keep up with the pet hair that litters your home with regular vacuuming, it still might not be enough to get the job done. Even if you try your hardest to keep pets off the furniture, circulating air can bring hair straight to your furniture, attracted by static electricity. The most obvious way to tell that your furniture is oversaturated with hair is the visible appearance of fuzz and fluff. While lint rollers may seem to get the job done, professional deep cleaning will get all of the hair out as well as remove any germs or stains that your pet may have left behind.
Have you been noticing an increasing number of allergic reactions when sitting on or near your upholstered surfaces? Well even though the spring and summer have passed, there still may be pollen, dust, and dirt trapped in your upholstery, enhancing allergic reactions or even causing problems for family members with breathing problems like asthma. Did you know that poor air quality is on the top 5 list of hazards affecting the modern American according to the EPA? Allergens and dust accumulation can play a major role in the air quality of your home, so getting your upholstery cleaned can make your home safer!
While stains are a visible aspect of damage affecting upholstery, the textures and color of your furniture can change color over time as well if you don’t clean them regularly. If you have one, take a look at a picture of your upholstery when you first bought it. See any changes to the color, texture of fluff your furniture has now compared to the past? If it does, your best bet is to have it cleaned, not only for appearance but for the fact that clean upholstery lasts longer than dirty upholstery.