How to keep your carpet

clean if you have pets

This image shows a cat on the sofa.
If you have a dog or a cat, we know just how hard it can be to keep your carpet clean, especially during the winter when pets simply don’t want to get outside. There are tons of hazards when having pets and carpet in the same setting, they can chew it, cause stains and cause massive hair build-up. The good news is that keeping your carpet clean with a pet is easier than you might think! So today we are going to be going over a few of the ways you can keep your carpet clean even with a rambunctious dog or rowdy cat, let’s get started!
Wipe Their Paws Off
We don’t even want to know what our pets step on outside on walks, thankfully we have the protection of shoes but our pets don’t. your pet’s paws can be filled with contamination like dirt, fecal matter, and pollen, leading to serious stains and smells on your carpet. So right before you enter your home, we suggest wiping off their paws. While they might not enjoy the experience at first they will become used to it over time. Also, if using wipes is an option, baby wipes are perfect due to their low chemical content.
Use An Area Rug
The use of an area is almost a must in some homes as many homeowners don’t want to replace the comfortable texture of carpet to replace it with a more attractive coating but if you are looking to keep your carpet protected from your pets, an area pug is a great option. In our experience, the pet will spend most of its time in the home on the area rug, not on the carpet. Just make sure to place the rug(s) in high traffic areas to protect against heavy foot traffic from your family and guests as well!
Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaners
If you’ve had a pet for a long time, you know that sometimes accidents happen so when accidents do happen, you want to make sure you have a pet-friendly carpet cleaner on hand to remove the accident ASAP, the faster you clean, the less impact it will have on the carpet. When it comes to professional cleaning with a puppy or kitten, we recommend using the pet-friendly cleaner to clean accidents until they are potty trained, then call upon a professional cleaner to deep clean the carpet, removing all urine and other contamination.
Keep Your Pet Clean
We all know just how much our pets like to stretch out and wiggle around on the carpet but if your pet is dirty, this cute action can wreak havoc on your carpet. So to minimize damage to the carpet, we urge that you keep your pet clean! Give your pets baths regularly, brush them outside and have them groomed regularly. This will decrease the amount of dirt, hair, and stains that make their way onto your carpet.
Regular Vacuuming

One of the best ways to keep hair and dirt off your carpet is to vacuum the carpeted area regularly. Where homes without pets can get by vacuuming the home once a week, depending on the breed of pet you have and your pets mannerisms, you could have to vacuum at least 3 times a week for an efficient clean. Also, you will want to vacuum your furniture at the same time you do your carpet, any dirt or hair that is on your furniture will always end up back on your carpet.

There you have it, the best ways to keep your carpet cleaned with a pet! We hope that you find this information helpful in your quest for a clean and long-lasting carpet flooring system! All we can say to you now is good luck!