How to improve the

air quality in your home

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Did you know that poor air quality in the home is one of the biggest hazards that Americans face today or that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from poor air quality in their homes? Well, how can we increase the air quality in our home? Today, we are going to be telling you the best ways that you can improve the air quality of your home both yourself and professionally. So, let’s get started!
Air Duct Cleaning
Over time, your air ducts can fill with unwanted material like dust, mold, and allergens even if you regularly swap out the filters of your HVAC unit. When dust and dirt coat the inside of your vents, these contaminants are pushed out into your home in more areas than one. It is easy to tell if your ductwork needs cleaning with visible dust outlining your air vents or an increase in power consumption. By cleaning out your air ducts, you can notice a significant increase in air quality in your home as well as improved smells, energy efficiency and less maintenance like dusting.
Carpet Cleaning
While air ducts can hold large amounts of contamination, carpets are the leading cause of poor air quality in your home. Think about it, your carpet is filled with hair, dust, dirt, allergens, and anything that you might have on the bottom of your shoes. The carpets fiber will trap all contamination, embedding it into the padding creating smells, stains and increased allergic reactions or increased sensitivity to residents of your home with breathing diseases like asthma. With professional carpet cleaning, you can remove years of contamination from deep in your carpet, significantly improving the air quality of your home as well as the appearance of the carpet, comfort and air circulation.
While our furry companions give us love, they could also be a cause of poor air quality in your home. While they don’t intentionally contaminate your home, your pets can track contamination in on their paws, fur and unfortunately, sometimes have accidents in the home. When it comes to decreasing the impact your pet could have on your home’s air quality, consider wiping your pet’s paws off before entering the home, bathing the pet regularly and brushing the pet outside daily.
General Cleaning
Not all cleaning processes to improve your home’s air quality has to be done by a professional, sometimes they are from the most obvious of places. For example, clutter can be a plague to your indoor air quality as can curtains/blinds, dirty or dusty bedding and even your laundry can cause an impact on your home’s air quality. A quick tip for the general cleaning of your home, always work from top to bottom. We recommend starting by dusting your ceiling then work your way down to the walls, and ending with the flooring. The key is to allow the dust and other contamination to settle for a few minutes before cleaning them off the floor for maximum decontamination.