How to

Clean Your Kitchen Counters and Keep Them Clean

This image shows a kitchen.

Kitchen counters can be a tricky area to keep clean because the kitchen is where all the action happens. Your counters are susceptible to things like clutter, staining, and spills and if not maintained daily, can pile on a workload really quick. Looking at your counters after a busy week can make it seem like a daunting task, but once you set your mind to it and get to work you’ll be amazed how quickly you can get it done and how much better you’ll feel! Keeping your counters clean will become a lot easier and you can feel more relaxed in your kitchen.

Clear the Clutter!

To get a better idea of your counter space take everything off your counters and place it somewhere like your kitchen table. This not only gives you a blank canvas to work with as far as organization, but it will make the initial cleaning process a lot smoother. Go through the items on the table and decide what items are actually necessary for your kitchen and what items, such as mail or medicine, are clutter that belongs elsewhere.

Give Them A Scrub

With your counters cleared, give them a good scrub. Take this time to really get deep into cleaning and create a fresh canvas for yourself that will make future maintenance a lot easier. If your counter has areas that are stained or have spills take this time to address them properly and to even disinfect your countertops.

Take A Step Back

Once your counters are clean, take a step back and give them a good look. Compare the items on your table to the counter space that you see before you and try to imagine those items back on the counter. If your mind makes it feel cluttered then look for different areas you could store the items that make it cluttered.

Do you use your toaster every day or could it be stored in your cabinet or pantry? Is there a better way to organize your sink area to maximize your space?

There are many options to maximize space in your kitchen specifically your counters. Many people reduce sink clutter by investing in sponge caddies that dispense soap as well as store their sponge so the dish soap doesn’t look like clutter. If you have many spices lining your counter, you could invest in a spinning spice rack to save on space and also give a clear view of what you have on hand.

Keeping it Clean

The task may seem daunting at first, but there’s nothing quite like sitting back at the end of the process and being able to see your hard work pay off! To keep your kitchen counters clean and decluttered, follow these simple steps and it’ll make every day so much better!

  1. Keep counters clear. Simply when you are done with an item-put it away!
  2. Keep sinks clear! Wash and put away your dishes as soon as possible to keep your sink clear.
  3. Wipe down spills as they happen. This prevents tough stains.
  4. Make a habit to wipe your countertops every night to keep them as clean as possible!