How to

Clean Grout

This image shows a man using a polisher machine to clean the tiles.

Tile can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. You of course see it as flooring but it also makes for great shower walls and backsplashes. One of the downfalls of this beautiful material is how hard it can be to keep the grout clean. You can sweep and mop and scrub and the grout can end up looking discolored and dirty. There are many different to clean your grout and keep it looking its best whether it is specific products, tools, or homemade cleaners to keep it clean!


There are many different tools that you can use to get your grout looking as good as the day your tile was installed. Each tool pairs well with certain cleaners but you have to mix and match to find out what works best for you! There are simple tools such as sponges and scrub brushes, but there are also other tools like battery operated tools specifically for getting the hard to reach areas of grout. Some cleaning routines will require more abrasive scrub brushes while others can deal with a softer approach. The tools you choose all depend on the level of of staining or dirt that is present with your grout.

Store Cleaners

When you’re in the grocery store there are many options for bathroom cleaners available that are specifically targeted for grout. These cleaners come in many different forms from sprays, foams, and even powders. This is all personal preference and what will work for you is all dependant on how set in the staining is, the location of the grout, and how regularly you clean your grout. Regularly cleaned grout can withstand simple cleaners like spray and foams that don’t require a set time to work their magic. If you’re looking at more set in staining you may find that foams and gels that have to sit for a period of time may work better. Powders can be effective with floor tilemaking it easy to scrub into a paste, let it sit, and mop with hot water to see a great effect.

Natural Based Cleaners

Not all grout cleaning requires harsh store bought cleaners and can be safer for your home. There are many options around your home or even those that are simple to make with ingredients found around your home.

Oxygen Whitener
This method includes oxygen whitener, water, and a few drops of either castile or dish soap. For tough messes, original Dawn dish detergent can work wonders! Sprinkle this powder onto tile, let it bubble, scrub, and rinse for cleaner grout!

Cream of Tartar with Lemon
Creating a paste of lemon juice and cream of tarter can combat many tough grout cleanings. Apply this paste, scrub the affected are, rinse, and wipe clean!

Hydrogen Peroxide
For whiter grout or to combat mold and mildew, try a spray bottle of pure hydrogen peroxide.Spray the peroxide on the grout and scrub with a scrub brush. After scrubbing you can rinse the grout clean. This is an effective cleaner, but can be reapplied and scrubbed again as needed.