Gross Things That May Be

Hiding in Your Couch

This image shows a living room.

The couch in your home is a communal place where friends, family, and guests alike all sit and share. It can be an amazing experience, sitting on a couch, where movies are watched, conversations are had, coffee is sipped, and wine is shared; however, where everyone gathers also means things underneath the surface are also lurking in the shadows. It is important to remember that an area that holds to many memories is at risk for being an area that is incredibly dirty and maybe harboring some of the nastiest accumulations. So, what’s hiding in your couch?

1. Viruses & Bacteria
It isn’t a myth, there are some cases of bacteria and viruses that can live on fomites for several days to even weeks on one surface. Surface level cleaning is not an appropriate solution for bacteria that are made to resist standard chemicals and sprays. The best way to increase your health and decrease the possibility of illness is by having your couch professionally cleaned. If your household is home to children and pets this possibility is even more likely and should be taken seriously.
2. Dust & Allergens
When you get a respiratory infection the last cause that crosses your mind is your couch! Sadly, this can be the number one cause in some cases. With dust and other allergens nesting/ gathering in the crevasses of your couch, the chances of you inhaling more of them increases. Some of the things you’re inhaling are dead skin, dead mites, and a billion other little particles that will find rest in your nose, pharynx, and lungs! Get this taken care of before you have a doctor’s visit with respiratory issues.
3. Mold
The warm and humid climate is the breeding ground for various molds because the constant water in the air makes growth simple and easy. Not only is mold foul-smelling, sometimes it doesn’t smell, but looks awful! Other times mold spreads illnesses to humans and causes medical bills to pile up. Whether its looks or health concerns, molds have got to go! Have your couch cleaned immediately.
4. Grease & Oils
Body oils are out of our control, meaning, where they spread, where they stay, and for how long is not something we can change. Natural body oils are just that, natural, but should be kept to each person and their own body. Body oils that are left to prosper on couch surfaces tend to invite dirt and bacteria as well to join them. The best way to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the couch is to have it cleaned by a professional.
5. Chemicals & Particles
Anything that floats will make its way into the fabrics of your couch! Paints, sprays, toxins, and so much more. Professionally cleaning your couch will undoubtedly remove harsh toxins and chemicals that have accumulated over time.
Along with the reason why you should have your couch professionally cleaned, don’t forget that no longer than 6-months should pass in between takes! Have it done twice a year to ensure prolonged health and aesthetic appeal. Also, it is important to remember that the bacteria that live on your skin should not be shared with the animals or other family members in your household. These little buggers can be transferred between family members by simply not cleaning your couch! Ensure that your cleaner is using nontoxic and green-certified cleaners!