6 Simple Habits to

Form to Keep Your Home Cleaner

This image shows a family smiling.

So, you’ve spent time getting your home clean and decluttered, but how do you keep it that way?

Do you have to give up your weekends to deep cleaning? Or perhaps you think it’s just time to accept the chaos?

The truth is, you can keep your home cleaner and make cleaning up easier just by forming a few good habits. In the short guide below, we’ll explain these simple daily habits that you should start to keep your home looking cleaner.

1. Leave Shoes at the Door

An excellent habit to start that takes minimal effort is to begin leaving your shoes at the door. Never wear them into or around your house. When you wear shoes inside, you’re tracking in all the dirt and debris from outside into your home.

By leaving your shoes at the doorway, you can prevent this dirt from getting into your carpets and make your daily cleaning routine much more manageable! You should also encourage your guests to take their shoes off at the door. This easy habit will significantly increase how long your home stays clean.

2. Put Items Away as You Use Them

It will always be more comfortable to pick things up as you go instead of leaving them for later when you have to start a major cleaning session. Picking up as you go will lessen the time you spend cleaning and keep your home looking cleaner more often.

For many, the thought may be easier than actually doing it, but this habit is well worth forming. The key to making this habit work for you is to ensure that your family follows suit and that everything has a designated place.

3. Make Your Bed Every Morning

Just a couple of minutes every morning is all it takes to form this tidy habit. It’s proven that making your bed in the morning reduces stress and increases happiness with your home. It can be an excellent way to motivate you to start your day productively as well!

When you get in the habit of making your bed every day, it can help set the tone for the day, ensuring that you’re motivated and productive.

4. Wash Dishes Every Night and Put Them Away Every Morning

Dish clutter can detract from the look of even the cleanest kitchen. It doesn’t matter if your floors are mopped, the table is clear, and the cabinets polished. If your dishes are piled up in the sink, your kitchen will look dirty.

No matter if you’re handwashing dishes or using a dishwasher, you should get into the habit of washing them every night and putting them away every morning. This habit will help you relax and keep your home looking and smelling wonderful!

5. Wipe Down Counters After Cooking and Tables After Meals

It’s easy for many homeowners to look at the mess following a meal and say, “I’ll get it later.” But when later comes, the messes are stuck on and hard to clean. If you can get in the habit of wiping down these surfaces with a disinfectant spray after cooking and meals, you’ll notice it’s much easier and faster to keep clean!

6. Spend Around 10 Minutes Cleaning Up Before Bed

It’s understandable to want to head straight to bed after a long day at work or raising your kids. However, if you can get in the habit of devoting just 10 short minutes to doing a scan of your house for any little messes, you’ll make your life easier.

Wipe down bathroom sinks and counters, give your floors a quick sweep or vacuuming if they need it, and spot mop any spills or sticky spots. By making this part of your nightly routine, you can wake up every morning to a clean, worry-free house!

Summing Things Up
There are a few simple habits that every homeowner should form to keep their home cleaner and stress-free. Leave your shoes at the door, put items away as you use them, make your bed every morning, wash dishes every night, put them away every morning, wipe down counters and tables after meals, and spend about 10 minutes cleaning up every night. By establishing these quick and easy habits, you’ll have a cleaner home in no time!