Best Way to

Clean Glass Shower Doors

This image shows a clean bathroom.

Glass shower doors can be a stunning addition to any bathroom. They can come in many different designs to add a clear door or opaque doors with many different designs. Sometimes shower doors can look slightly dirty and need to be cleaned or you may have to deal with a lot of soap scum buildup. The good news is there are ways that can make cleaning your shower doors and easy task instead of a daunting one.

Daily Cleaning

One of the most important things about cleaning glass shower doors and keeping them clean is the daily maintenance. It is important to clean your doors daily so the soap scum and water spots don’t build up to a point that it will take all day to clean. There are many cleaners available for daily cleaning as well as DIY natural cleaners. A good natural shower door cleaning is one part rubbing alcohol, one part water, and 10 drops of peppermint essential oils. Spraying this mixture daily and wiping away dirt can keep your doors sparkly clean!

A lot of homeowners that have trouble remembering the daily clean will keep the solution and cloth nearby and make a habit of cleaning the doors after every shower. Making this part of your routine can make this cleaning easier to handle.

Weekly Cleaning

If daily cleaning isn’t your thing or you feel like it’s not necessary for your home, you can go to at least weekly cleaning. A great routine for weekly cleaning is using an all-purpose bathroom cleaner to spray down the entire bathroom including the doors to give them a good clean and keep them sparkling. Not only does this keep your glass shower doors clean, but this weekly cleaning can also help with the prevention of mold and mildew.

A good all-purpose bathroom cleaner is a great way to keep glass shower doors clean, but for a more natural approach, you can use white vinegar. White vinegar and a cloth are great for cutting through soap scum and keep these doors squeaky clean.

Monthly Deep Clean

Sometimes we fall behind or dirt just comes on too fast. A monthly deep clean can help get everything back in order so you can start fresh with either a daily or weekly shower routine. There are two routes you can take with a monthly cleaning, either scrubbing or steaming, to ensure your shower doors get nice and clean.


You can use either an all-purpose bathroom cleaner or a foaming cleaner and get to work! Using a scrub brush you can get the soap scum removed from your shower doors. It is best to scrub in a circular motion to loosen the soap scum and get your shower doors clean and fast! If the scrub brush doesn’t seem to get you anywhere a lot of homeowners have found great results with a magic eraser to cut through tough scum.


Investing in a steamer is a great way to keep your glass shower doors clean. Hot steam can cut through tough scum and help prevent the growth of mold and mildew as well.