3 Ways to Remove

Pet Urine Stains and Smells from Your Carpet

Pets are our pride and joy! We love them with our entire hearts, homes, and wallets. We spoil them rotten and we work hard to provide them with the best homes possible, even when that means being stuck with the odors they leave behind. If you have pets in the home accidents, stains, and odors will inevitably begin to appear throughout the property! Messes caused by our animals can be stressful and at times daunting; however, there are ways to manage stains and orders!

Here are 3 ways to help you manage your pet odors and stains today:

1. Homemade Cleaning Solutions:
DIY cleaning solutions can be effective in saving time and money. When cleaning with homemade solutions be sure to dry an area completely and remove any large pieces of the accident before adding the cleaning solution. Once the area is partially wiped down add some solution and blot down on carpet or delicate floors to avoid scratching your floors or damaging carpet fibers.

Some effective homemade cleaning solutions include:

Baking Soda and Vinegar

  • Cover the spot with vinegar followed by a generous amount of baking soda placed on top of the spot. Leave the area covered for 24 hours before removing both the baking soda and the vinegar.

Dishwashing Detergent

  • Either in a spray bottle or using a cup, you should combine a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with a cup of warm water and spray or spread on the surface. keep repeating this action until the stain and odor are no longer detectable.


  • Rinse the area with two tablespoons of ammonia and one cups of water.
2. Store Bought Stain Remover
If you don’t want to make your stain remover, the homemade ones don’t work for you, or you simply like the store-bought products better, that is okay. Store bought cleaning products are great assets to keep handy when you have pets in the home. Be sure to purchase products that are non-toxic for your pet!

This is important because some cleaners may cause your animal to have adverse effects caused by the cleaners’ ingredients.

3. Routine Cleanings
Having a professional cleaning is an important way to have smells and stains removed. When looking for a reliable company be sure to search for companies with positive reviews and a lasting reputation. You do not want a company that simply covers stains and smells without removing them completely.

Having a trusted team come out consistently to remove bacteria, stains, odors, and debris from your carpets can help enhance the overall feeling and air quality of your home! This is a great upside for you and your fury family members.